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Trustee's Circle

Mrs. Rhoda L. Polly '80 and Mr. Michael Danziger
Ms. Kelly Sullivan


Dean’s Circle
Mr. Jeff Barker and Ms. Suzanne Murphy
Mr. Andrew H. Brimmer and Mr. Thomas E. Molner
Broadway Stages, Ms. Gina Argento
Dean Marilyn Chernin
Professor Karlene Gooding
Dr. and Mrs. Saul W. Katz
Mrs. Franseane F. Kleinbart
Mrs. Phyllis Levine

Chairman’s Circle

Victoria Loconsolo Foundation 
Ms. Joan De Freitas
Ms. Julie J. Dennis
Mrs. Sheila Labrecque
Dean Thelma L. Malle
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. David Plimpton
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sachs

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Associate's Circle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Antonio   
Mr. Michael A. Correra
                          Mr. James A. Cross Jr.                         
Mr. Kenneth Daly
Mr. Michael Farmer
Mr. Edward and Dr. Susan Farrell
Dr. Beverly S. Jacobs
Ms. Frances Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Lim
Dr. Catherine Ma
Dr. Regina S. Peruggi and Mr. Gerard A. McCallion
Mr. Louis N. Manios
Mr. Dante Orsini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Romano
Mr. Mark H. Rothberg '73
Dr. Anne W. Silver
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Suss

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Fellow's Circle

Vice President Elizabeth A. Basile and Mr. Allen Basile
Mr. Howard Blady, Klearview Appliance
Mr. John J. Blasi, Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. John Drucker
Vice President and Mrs. Thomas G. Friebel
Mr. Howard Goldberg
Dr. Mary R. Goldstein
Mr. Samuel L. Hamilton
Mr. Gary J. Hegedus

Dr. and Mrs. Cliff Hesse
Professor Craig Hinkley

Dr. and Mrs. Baroukh E. Kodsi
Dr. Catherine Leaker
Ms. Juliet Lewis
Ms. Emilee McGarvey Feldman
Ms. JoAnne Meyers
Professor and Mrs. Michael V. Miranda  
Dean Brian Mitra 
Ms. M. Michel Orban
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Plotkin
Mr. Frank Ruggiero  
Mr. William Schwalbe and Mr. David Cheng
Mr. Alec Teytel
                      Ms. Silvea Thomas                        
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald E. Watkins

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