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Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors

What do Student Ambassadors DO?
Student Ambassadors are service-oriented individuals who advance the legacy of student leadership on our campus. By assisting with New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, Graduation, and other campus events, Student Ambassadors help their peers get involved and stay connected.

Student Ambassadors can be connected to volunteer leadership roles across campus including, serving as peer mentors in our Opening Doors Learning Community, Wellness Center, Men’s Resource Center, Office of Career Development and Experiential Learning, College Discovery, and more!

How can I become a Student Ambassador?
Applications will open soon.  

What are the requirements to join?
To be eligible to serve as a Student Ambassador, you must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and remain in good academic and judicial standing with the college. There are no other involvement or major requirements to be eligible. 

Students who are eligible for Work Study through financial aid will also have the opportunity to be paid. 

What is training like?
Student Ambassador Training will be conducted in-person on Tuesday, October 18th AND Thursday, October 20th from 3-5pm with presentations from key campus leaders on how to develop your leadership skills. The Blackboard training will include a handful of pre-recorded presentations, lists of campus contacts, and folders of campus resources.

What's in it for me?
Good question! Student Ambassadors may be eligible for Work Study position in return for their service to the campus! Student Ambassadors meet a large group of students, faculty, and staff from all over campus; our program is supported by faculty, ASAP staff, Student Life staff, Counseling & Health Services, the KCC Chief of Staff, and many more! Beyond networking, Student Ambassadors, through training and volunteer service, develop skill that support their academic and professional goals (i.e. leadership, public speaking, confidence, critical thinking, teamwork, responsibility, and more!!). Student Ambassadors also get some great swag, including bags, shirts, jackets, and personalized name tags. MOST importantly, Student Ambassadors get a chance to help their fellow students, and play a big role in creating a culture of support and engagement on campus.

Questions?  Email