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The Office of Student Life

The mission of the Office of Student Life is to offer opportunities and experiences for student learning and personal growth that complement Kingsborough’s academic programs. The values inherent in the cultural, social, educational and artistic programs of the Office of Student Life include:

  • Fostering personal growth
  • Teaching practical life and leadership skills
  • Offering fun and entertaining activities
  • Developing a broader understanding of, and respect for, differing points of view among students and the greater community
  • Celebrating our diversity

The Office of Student Life offers many valuable services to the college community. Programs sponsored by Student Life include:

  • Student Clubs and Organizations
        >Clubs and Organizations Manual
  • Club Fair
  • Student Government Program
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • College Center Programs
  • Student Activities Resume
    The Student Activities Resume provides students with official documentation of involvement in campus activities; it is used to complement your academic transcript and personal resume for applications to senior colleges and prospective employers. More information about the Student Activities Resume is available in the Office of Student Life.
Office of Student Life
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Room C-123
Phone:  (718) 368-5597
Fax: (718) 368-4801.

Dr. Tasheka Sutton-Young
Director of Student Life & Athletics

Maria Patestas 
Associate Director

David Prevost
Student Life Specialist 

Marie Cohen

Administrative Assistant

Helika Croft
Coordinator of Diversity Programs

Rosemary Bargisen


Kathryn Kelly

Louisa Garcia
Graphic Designer

Office Hours:

Monday ......8am-7pm
Tuesday ......8am-7pm
Wednesday. 8am-5pm
Thursday..... 8am-5pm
Friday .........8am-5pm


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