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Student Government Association

SGA Consolidation Proposal Information
KCC SGA is currently making efforts to consolidate the association structure from four independent councils into a single association. Please see below and read the linked documents for more information.

Vote Now regarding SGA Consolidation. Click here to cast your ballot:


How is KCC SGA currently structured? KCC SGA is currently made of four independent councils, each with their own president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, as well as up to twenty representatives. These independent councils may collaborate, but do not have a formal structure to do so.
What is the proposed structure? Under the proposed structure, KCC SGA would be a single association with a Cabinet made of seven officers and a Senate made of twelve senators. Together, these two bodies would form the General Body, which would be in charge of making or approving all SGA decisions.
Why would SGA consolidate? While there are pros and cons to consolidation, SGA chose to pursue this action in order to raise the profile of the student voice on campus, to focus efforts and resources through a single association, and to make Student Government more open and reliable for the student body.
What does the Governance Plan have to do with this? Currently, the KCC Governance Plan/College Council Constitution outlines the structure of KCC SGA as having 5 different councils. Because this is the overall governing document for all of campus, KCC SGA must work within that framework. Without the amendments to the Governance Plan, KCC SGA must continue under the multi-council system.
What is the process for consolidation? First, SGA researched structures at dozens of other schools, both in and out of CUNY. Using this knowledge, the students created a constitution for the proposed association. In order to approve the new plan, four things are necessary:

1. 10% of the student body must sign a petition allowing a campus-wide vote regarding consolidation.

2. The student body as a whole must vote in favor of the new structure.

3. The KCC College Council must approve updates to the college Governance Plan to accommodate the new structure.

4. The CUNY Board of Trustees must approve the updated Governance Plan with accommodations for the updated structure.

Once these four things are done, KCC SGA may proceed to elect officers and begin to function under the new structure.

For more information about the proposed consolidation, please review these documents:

Proposed SGA Constitution
Proposed College Council Constitution
Consolidation Plan
Consolidation Summary

Liberal Arts Council

President: VACANT
Vice President: Danielle Barrow
Treasurer: Daron Peters
Secretary: Kya Fields

Business Council

President: Salman Mohammad
Vice President: Suzie Marder
Treasurer: Austin Robinson
Secretary: Shahzodkhon Hakimov

Public & Health Council

President: Norman Wagstaffe
Vice President: Amanda Samedy
Treasurer: Binta Li
Secretary: Iris Nolasco

STEM Council

President: Gelson Shoy
Vice President: Carl Renelique
Treasurer: Anthony Ng
Secretary: Timi Alli

What is Student Government Association?

SGA is the student voice on campus. SGA officers and representatives hold regular meetings and sit on various campus- and CUNY-wide committees to represent our students' interests in college governance. SGA also has the authority to help oversee and to approve charters for student organizations through the Student Activities Committee.

How do I join?
Check out this page for more information on how to join SGA.

KCC SGA is divided into four councils, based on your major. Review the list below to find your major and determine which council represents you, then check out that council's page for more information. Each council has four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and up to 20 additional student representatives.

Business- Accounting; Business Administration; Culinary Arts; Fashion Design; Marketing Management; Office Administration; Personnel Management; Retail Merchandising; Tourism & Hospitality 

Liberal Arts- Broadcasting Technology; CUNY Baccalaureate; Criminal Justice; Fine Arts; Graphic Design; Journalism & Print Media; Liberal Arts; Media Arts; Non-Degree; Performing Arts; Speech Communication; Theatre Arts; Website Development 

Public & Health- Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counseling; Chemical Dependency Counseling; Community Health; Early Childhood Education; Education Studies; Emergency Medical Services; Exercise Science; Medical Records Technician; Mental Health & Human Services; Nursing; Physical Education, Recreation, & Recreation Therapy; Pre-Physical Therapy; Polysomnographic Technology; Physical Therapist Assistant; Surgical Technology 

STEM- Biology; Chemistry; Computer Information Systems; Computer Science; Engineering Science Environmental Health and Science; Mathematics; Marine Mechanic; Maritime Technology; Physics; Science for Forensics 

Business Council

Liberal Arts Council

Public & Health Council

STEM Council

Campus Activities Board

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