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Questions about Student Ambassadors

 I’ve heard about Student Ambassadors; what do they do?

  • Student Ambassadors are students who enjoy helping their fellow students.
  • They staff a Student Ambassador Booth located near the bookstore and college cafeteria.
  • Student Ambassadors give direction and assistance to students and their families during Homecoming.
  • Student Ambassadors assist freshmen during New Student Orientation by giving campus tours and providing information to new students; they provide support at graduation, assist with student activities, and much, much more.

Can anyone become a Student Ambassador?
YES – well, almost.  It is most important to have a sincere desire to help your fellow students.  In addition, prospective Student Ambassadors must have at least a 2.00 index.  Stop by the Student Life Office, Room C-123, and meet the Student Life Specialist, who can tell you more about the program, answer any questions and give you an application.  Complete and return the application to C-123, where you can make an appointment for an interview.

How will I know how to help my fellow students?
Don’t worry, you’ll be trained!  You will learn communication and leadership skills, and attend sensitivity workshops.  Once you are accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to provide us with a copy of your class schedule so we may place you into one of the training groups.  Training sessions never interfere with classes.

Training sessions meet once a week for six weeks.  Midway through the training, all participants and faculty are expected to attend a weekend retreat.  This training weekend is very important and free for Student Ambassadors.

Sounds good, but what’s in it for me?
That’s a fair question.  Do you like meeting new people and making new friends?  Being a Student Ambassador makes you very visible to the campus community, and that means you will meet faculty and administrative members of the College, as well as students.

Where’s the Student Life Office, and what happens there?
The Office of Student Life is located in Room C-123.  It’s the place to go if you want to learn about our clubs, student government, College Center Programs and special events, or find out where to go to get information on campus about anything that pertains to you, the student.  You are always welcome to come see us in C-123, any time Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM.

The Student Life Office is the home of the Director of Student Life, Ms. Tasheka Sutton-Young.

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