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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
Tuition and Fee Payments

NOTE: Your bill must be paid in full by the due date shown on your bill or you may be dropped from your classes.

1. The University will not accept credit card payments in person, by mail or phone for the payment of tuition and fees, which appear on your bill.  Credit card payments can only be made via your CunyFirst account and will be processed by our vendor EDS.

  1. You will be charged a convenience fee based on your balance. This fee is in addition to tuition and fees. The fee is non- refundable.
  2. B. No fee will be charged for e-check payments.

2. What types of credit cards are accepted?
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

3. What are the available methods for paying by credit card?
Credit card payments can only be made online.

4. As a student, how do I pay online?
Log on to CunyFirst Portal account at Select the link “Student Service Center” where you view your bill. Then click on  “Make Payment” button to make your payment.

5. Will I be charged a convenience fee when I pay by credit card?
Yes, a convenience fee based on your balance will be charged in addition to tuition and fees.

6. When will I get confirmation that the payment went through?
Once the transaction is complete, EDS will issue a confirmation number and email this to an email address provided by the student.

7. Can someone else pay my tuition for me?
Yes, someone else can pay online for you; however, they must be able to access your CunyFirst account in order to do this.

8. Will I get a receipt in the mail?
No, you will not receive a receipt in the mail. You will receive an email confirmation from EDS after the payment is submitted.

9. I have registered for classes, but have not received a bill. Can I pay online?
A student can pay online at any time after they register, up until their bill due date.

10. To avoid paying the convenience fee, what are my other payment options?
a) Pay by electronic check online. Similar to a debit card, e-check electronically debits a checking or savings account. Log onto your CunyFirst account and select the “Make Payment” button then select the electronic check button. You must enter your bank routing and checking or savings account numbers. DO NOT enter your debit card as a credit card or you will be charged a convenience fee.                  
b) Pay by check (checks are accepted for current semester only) or money order mailed to:

Kingsborough Community College
Office of the Bursar
Room A-205
2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11235.
c) Pay by cash, check (Checks are accepted for current semester only) or money order at the Bursar’s Office.
d) Sign up for the Sallie Mae payment plan on the web at call (866) 267-CUNY.

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