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This service is setup to assist students who are unable to visit the Reading and Writing Center. 
With e-tutoring, you are able to chat instantly with a tutor via the internet.  However, there are a few guidelines and procedures that must be followed in order to give you (a student currently enrolled at Kingsborough Community College) the best possible service.
Records are kept of every e-tutoring session, including a print out and a brief summary of the tutoring session. 

Your name, professor’s name, class, and section are required for every e-tutoring session.
We at the Center adhere to a professional e-tutoring environment.  That is, no profanity or sexual content will be allowed during an e-tutoring session.

Furthermore, please note:

  • The focus of each e-tutoring session is on generating and organizing ideas, as well as on reviewing the requirements of the particular assignment.  The focus in not on editing the paper for grammar.  The job of the tutor is not to grammatically “fix” the student’s essay.
  • Inappropriate  language will immediately end the e-tutoring session.
  • In order to facilitate an e-tutoring  session, papers  (for use during, or in anticipation of, a particular session) can be emailed to the Center at (subject line: my e-tutoring session, last name) or copied and pasted into the session’s transcript.
  • Transcripts of sessions may be later studied by tutors and the directors of the Center in the interest of tutor staff development and quality assurance.
  • It may not always be possible to achieve the same benefit through e-tutoring as a student may achieve during an in-person session with a tutor.  Your tutor may determine that you might be better served by coming to the Reading and Writing Center with your paper.  Please be respectful of this advice, should it arise.

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