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Student Development  

SD 10 (Freshman Seminar) is a 1-credit course that provides information and skills important for transition to and success in college. SD 11 (Career and Life Planning) is a 1-credit course in which students explore careers with emphasis on their interests, abilities, aptitudes, and college experiences. Both SD courses are part of Intensive ESL links; only SD 10 is part of Opening Doors links.

Case Managers teach the linked SD courses in Opening Doors and Intensive ESL. They serve as academic advisors, counselors, instructors, and student advocates. They do this by teaching skills for attaining academic success, providing academic support and advisement throughout the semester, and helping students to gain knowledge of the college and its resources. They help to promote the connections among the courses by integrating the theme of the link into their SD course.


Opening Doors staff

The Opening Doors staff

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