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Learning Communities at Broward CC As a follow up to their participation in our July 2006 conference, Broward Community College of Fort Lauderdale, FL, invited a team from Kingsborough to work with them as they develop their learning communities. The initial KCC team visit was designed to review and assess Broward's current climate for learning communities. After two days of conversation, representatives from both colleges decided that Broward would become a replication site for the Kingsborough Learning Community model in a project funded under Kingsborough's Ford Foundation grant - Opening Doors Across the Nation: Learning Communities Replication Project.

Since that initial visit, a team from Kingsborough has visited Broward twice, in January and April of 2007, to present our model and to offer faculty development workshops. These two two-day presentations/workshops were attended by over 70 individuals, many of whom participated in more than one session. In March of 2007, support staff and administrators from Broward visited Kingsborough and a faculty team visited in May 2007, observing learning community classes and attending a faculty development workshop. In early summer of 2007, we will be working with Broward to facilitate recruitment, enrollment, and registration of students into their newly developed learning communities.
Learning Communities at Broward CC
Learning Communities at Broward CC
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