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Sample Learning Community Offerings

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While each type of learning community--those for continuing students, those for incoming freshmen, and those for incoming freshmen who are multilingual and in need of support for their English language skills--is offered every semester, particular learning communities (i.e., particular courses, instructors, and themes) may vary from semester to semester.
To get an idea of what learning communities are like, below are some learning communities that have been offered in recent semesters. To learn about current offerings, please reach out to the contact below.

For continuing students...​The Pursuit of Happiness

This learning community links Composition II (ENG 24), History of Philosophy: The Classical Philosophers (PHIL 71), and an Integrative Seminar (ENG 5050), and examines the nature of happiness. In this link, we explore happiness from a variety of perspectives (for example, ethical, sociological, and psychological, among others) and through a variety of assignments, readings, and films–many of which will be shared among the courses.

For current offerings, please contact Candice Rosado at or at 718-368-6849.

For incoming freshmen...Mindfulness
For more than ten years, the fields of psychology and education have drawn upon the concept and practices of mindfulness to help cultivate moment-to-moment awareness in the people they are helping. Scientific studies of mindfulness in the classroom show that it helps students focus, decreases their anxiety, and makes their learning experiences more enjoyable. This learning community links Basic Reading and Writing (ENG 93), Introduction to Psychology (PSY 11), and Student Development (SD 10) using the theme of mindfulness. As part of this link, students will be asked to engage in lessons, reading and writing assignments, and classroom activities with close attention to their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

For current offerings, please contact Samantha Sierra at or at 718-368-5495.

​For multilingual incoming freshmen in need of English language support...Culture and Contexts
This learning community links English as a Second Language (ESL 101), with Popular Culture in America (HIS 21), Listening and Speaking Skills (SPE 11), an Integrative Language Seminar (ENG 1050), a Freshmen Seminar (SD 10), and Reading Lab with Tutors. Students are asked to explore—through reading, writing, and speaking—the relationships among popular culture, society, and the individual. By the end of the semester, students who study in this learning community will be able to discuss these relationships in spoken and written Standard American English. In the spring semester, English as a Second Language (ESL 102) continues, linked with Effective Public Speaking (SPE21), the Reading Lab, and additional courses of students’ choice.

For current offerings, please contact Tara Thompson at or at 718-368-6610.

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