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Faculty Collaboration

Instructors of linked courses collaborate around a public issue or common theme. Instructors identify common objectives and create at least one joint assignment; some even develop a joint syllabus or share a common Blackboard course site.

The first time courses are linked, faculty members collaborate during the module (Winter or Summer) before the courses begin. Collaboration is then ongoing throughout the semester.

Below are some sample collaborations including objectives, assignments, and syllabi. The authors provide these samples for public use, study, copy, modification and reproduction, asking that they be acknowledged as the original creators.



Profs. Annie Del Principe (English 12) and Susan Lachman (Sociology 31)
Download Del Principe/Lachman Sample Collaboration

Profs. Stephen Armstrong (English 12) and Rick Repetti (Philosophy 71)
Download Armstong/Repetti Sample Collaboration

Profs. Cindy Greenberg (Speech 23) and
Nicole Colbert (ESL 07)

Download Greenberg/Colbert Sample Collaboration

Profs. Janine Graziano-King (English 24), Rick Repetti (Philosophy 74), and Chris Calienes (Integrative Seminar)
Download Graziano-King/Repetti/Calienes Sample Collaboration

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