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Integrative Seminar

The Integrative Seminar encourages students to envision themselves as professionals and to reflect on their own development as they move toward that goal. Integrative Seminars meet once a week for two hours and are facilitated by two faculty members – one serves as the primary facilitator and the other, a member of the English Department, provides students small-group or one-on-one support in reading and writing, as needed, both within and outside of the seminar. Seminar activities are designed to be collaborative, active-learning activities to be completed during the seminar and are aimed at helping students make multiple connections - i.e., among their linked courses, between course content and application in the real world, and between their own needs and goals and the demands and expectations of their courses and chosen fields. Such activities may include student reflective work, problem-based learning activities (PBL), and case studies; the seminar may also arrange off campus visits to professional sites and presentations by professionals in relevant fields.

Integrative Seminar
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