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Please be advised, the following are the regulations and procedures that should be followed for the 2014 beach season. 

ACCESS: Guests are permitted to walk-on starting 11:00am.

  • All Kingsborough students with valid KCC 2016 Spring or Summer semester identification cards are permitted walk-on access to the beach.
  • All Kingsborough Faculty/Staff with valid KCC 2016 Spring or Summer semester identification cards are permitted walk-on access to the beach.
  • All individuals displaying a 2016 beach pass are permitted walk-on access to the beach.
  • Individuals stating that they lost their beach pass should be allowed access upon presentation of valid identification (driver’s license, passport), pending the name of the visitor is listed on the beach pass roster.
  • Anyone reporting a lost beach pass should be directed to obtain a replacement pass from The Office of College Advancement.

PARKING: Vehicles are permitted to park after 1:00pm through the North Gate.

  • All Kingsborough students with a valid KCC 2016 Spring semester on-campus parking permit, regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled for Summer courses, will be permitted to park on campus for use of the beach during the Summer season.
  • Individuals who were registered for the Spring 2016 semester who did not purchase student parking are entitled to purchase a beach parking permit.
  • Two (2) additional types of parking permits are being sold. One of the following must be presented with the beach pass in order to obtain parking. The first is a “Season Permit,” which is Pink and is valid for the duration of the beach season. The second is a “Daily Parking” booklet consisting of ten (10) Pink parking slips. Retired KCC faculty and staff are eligible to go to the beach and park on campus by presenting a retiree ID card to the gate officer.  Alumni are entitled to use the beach by presenting a valid alumni I.D. card to the gate officer.
  • One “Daily Parking” slip must be presented for each day parked on campus. The “Daily Parking” slips must be confiscated by the officer at the gate, marked across the front “VOID”, and placed in the locked wooden box at the gate.
  • All Manhattan Beach student Spring parking permits will be honored for the Summer at the North Gate.


The beach will be open starting Saturday, June 25, 2016 through Monday, September 5, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. according to the following schedule. (Note: The beach and campus are closed on Fridays during the beach season.)  

June, July

Monday through Thursday, Saturday & Sunday


Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday


Sat., Sept. 3, Sun., Sept. 4, Mon., Sept. 5 - Closed after Labor Day


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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