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Janine Graziano-King


Janine Graziano-King is a Professor of English, the Director of the Kingsborough Center for Teaching and Learning, and the faculty coordinator Kingsborough’s Advanced Learning Communities Program. She is particularly interested in assessment of writing and integrative thinking and she leads a team at Kingsborough focused on developing materials for assessing integrative thinking in student work. She has worked with faculty from colleges across the country to help them develop learning communities on their campuses and has served as resource faculty for the Washington Centers’ National Summer Institute on Learning Communities at Evergreen State College.


Ph.D., Linguistics The Graduate School of the City University of New York, 1999
M.A., TESOL Hunter College, 1990
B.A., Philosophy, magna cum laude Hunter College, 1981

College Teaching

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

Parisi, H., & Graziano-King, J. (2011). Integrating best practices: Learning communities and the writing center. Community College Enterprise, 17(1), 22-38.

Graziano-King, J. & Cairns, H.S. (2010). First language acquisition. In S. J. Behrens & J. Parker (Eds.), Language in the Real World: A Resource Book. New York: Routledge.

Graziano-King, J., & Kahn, G. (2008/9) Exploring voice as integration: A direction for assessing student work in learning communities with composition. Journal of Learning Communities Research, 3(3), 74-88.  

Del Principe, A. & Graziano-King, J. (2008). When timing isn’t everything: Resisting the use of timed tests to assess writing ability. Teaching English in the Two-Year College, 35(3), 297-311.

Graziano-King, J. (2007). Assessing student writing: The self-revised essay. Journal of Basic Writing. 26(2), 95-113.

Graziano-King, J. & Cairns, H.S. (2005). The acquisition of English comparatives. Journal of Child Language, 32(2), 345-373.

Purpura, J. & Graziano-King, J. (2004). Investigating the foreign language needs of professional school students in international affairs: A case study. Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, 4(1).

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