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Victor Broder, PTA
College Laboratory Technician
Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Victor Broder


I graduated Brooklyn College in 1979 with a B.A. in Economics. In 1995, a midlife career change brought me to Kingsborough Community College and the Pre-Physical Therapist program. I received an A.S. degree and in 1997 entered the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at New York University. I received my A.A.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant and upon graduation began work as a PTA in a local private practice. In 2005, I joined the staff of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program here at Kingsborough as the Laboratory Technician for the program. I have continued to practice as a PTA through per diem work at area nursing homes and part time work at local private practices.


PTA1-Foundations of Physical Therapy I
PTA2-Kenesiology and Applied Anatomy
PTA3-Fondations of Physical Therapy II
PTA4-Modalities and Procedures I
PTA5Therapeutic Exercise
PTA7-Modalities and Procedures II
PTA8-Selected Topics in Physical Therapy
PTA25-Interactions in the Clinic


New York University A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant with Honors, 1999
Kingsborough Community College of The City University of New York,
A.S Pre-Physical Therapist Program, 1997
Brooklyn College of the City University of New York,
B.A. Economics 19793

Continuing Education

Myofacial Trigger Point Therapy and Nerve Mobilization of the Upper Extremity, 
2010, 7.2 Contact Hours (CH).
Improving Critical Thinking, 2010, 1 CH.
Family Caregivers, 2010, 1 CH.
Understanding Distal Radial Fractures, 2010, 1CH.

College Teaching

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Research Interests

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

Personal Interests

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