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 Susan Farrell


Professor, Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies

Prof. Farrell has taught at Kingsborough Community College for over 25 years.  She has been Departmental Chair for over four years.

She has taught Sociology of Gender as well as Sociology of Religion. She continues to teach Introductory Sociology (Soc. 31) focusing on issues of consumption in post-modern America.

A graduate of the City University of New York’s Sociology Doctoral program, Prof. Farrell’s research focuses on women, religion, and sexuality. She also has a certificate in Women’s Studies from the CUNY Graduate School. Her latest publication is an edited volume with Victoria Lee Erickson, Still Believing: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Women Affirm Their Faith. Other publications: The Social Construction of Gender edited with Prof. Judith Lorber and which includes the article ”It’s Our Church, Too!: Women’s Position in the Roman catholic Church Today.”

She has been the co-director of Women’s Studies for the past several years serving first with Prof. Frances Kraljic (History Dept) and now with Prof. Caterina Pierre (Art Dept).



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