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Natasha Lvovich


Natasha Lvovich is Professor of English at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, where she teaches ESL and literature courses. Originally from Moscow, Russia, with a background in French Language and Literature (Moscow Linguistic University), Natasha completed her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, specializing in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism here in the U.S. Her loyalties have been divided between creative and academic writing; her interests include all areas of lingua-culture, bilingualism and emotions, and narrative and fiction written by "translingual" authors. She considers it her intellectual mission to embrace and promote knowledge versus the industry of knowledge and to approach scholarship, creativity, and teaching phenomenologically and across fields, disciplines, languages, and genres.

Administrative responsibilities:  

  • KCC Chief Reader, responsible for standardized CUNY reading and writing exams



  • ESL reading and writing, most recently ESL 91
  • Literature Electives: Short Fiction (Eng. 40), Introduction to Literature (Eng. 30)
  • Honors Option: Eng. 40, Eng. 12, Eng. 82: The Outsider in Contemporary American Literature

Brooklyn College: Culture, Language, Society, graduate course in MA in English Program

  • Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (specializing in Second Language Acquisition & Bilingualism), Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH
  • M.A. in Language and Literature (French) and Teaching Foreign Languages (French and English), Moscow Linguistic University, Russia
  • B.A. in Linguistics (summa cum laude) from Moscow Linguistic University, Russia

College Teaching

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources


The Multilingual Self: An Inquiry into Language Learning
New Jersey, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, 1997.

Creative Work

(2014). Sister in Russian, Cousin in English (essay). New England Review,
Vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 114-125.

Sandy Chronicles: Coney Island, Brooklyn (creative nonfiction). Epiphany,  Winter 3013-2014, pp. 98-104.


La Rue Des Disparus en Russie (essay). North Dakota Quarterly: Going Global. Vol. 78.2 &3, pp. 98-109.

(2013). The Sounding Board (creative nonfiction). Biostories 
(2013). Troll Land. (essay). Anthology of Imagination and Place: Cartography. Lawrence, Kansas: Imagination & Place Press, pp. 127-135.
(2012). The Moscow Muse (essay). Two Bridges Review, vol. 2. pp. 98-109.
(2012). Medication against Nostalgia (essay). Life Writing, Vol. 4, No. 9,
pp. 445-451.
(2011). Cheshire Cat’s Smile (essay). Life Writing Annual: Biographical and
Autobiographical Studies, Vol. 3, pp. 245-254. New York: AMS Press.
(2010). Phone Home (creative nonfiction). Paradigm Journal, Vol. 4.
(2010). The Country We Lived in (creative nonfiction). Nashville Review,
(2010). Balakovo (creative nonfiction). Post Road literary magazine,
Issue 18, Vol. 4, pp. 103-106. Nominated for 2011 Pushcart Award.
(2009). One Hundred Years of Solitude in Moscow (essay). New Writing, The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing, Vol. 6, No.2, pp. 97 - 104.
(2009). Vermont Portus Eunostos (essay), Wilderness House Literary
Review, #4/3,
(2009). Renamed and Deleted (essay), BigCityLit,
(2007). Losing Gravity in Russia: A Lingua-cultural Journey (essay). Life Writing, Vol. 4, No 2, pp. 289-296.

Scholarly Work 
(2015). Translingual identity and art: Marc Chagall' stride through the Gates of Janus. Critical Multilingualism Studies, Vol 3, No 1 (2015), pp. 112-134

 The Gift: Synesthesia in translingual texts. L2Journal, 4(2),  

(2006). Russian as a second language. In Language and Linguistics in Context: Readings and Applications for Teachers, H. Luria, D. Seymour & T. Smoke (Eds.). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, pp. 97-102.
(2003). Socio-cultural identity and academic writing: A Second language learner profile, Teaching of English in Two-year Colleges, Vol 31, No.2, December 2003, pp.179-192.
(2003). Literature as a door to textual home for second language learners, College ESL, Vol.10, No.1&2, pp.1-10.
(2000). On becoming a cultural insider, The Internet TESL Journal.
(1995). The Effect of the affect: Psychosocial factors in adult ESL student language performance. College ESL, CUNY, Vol.5, No.1.


Events and/or Key Dates

Research Interests

Interdisciplinary and holistic approach to Second Language Acquisition and Multilingualism. Identity, narrativity, and learner subjectivities. Bilingualism and emotional expression/representation. Translingual Literature: cross-cultural narrative and fiction written by second language writers. Multilingualism and creativity. Synesthesia, language and multilingualism. Creative writing: essays and creative nonfiction. Literature: Structuralist and Post-structuralist approach. Formalism and Poetic Semiotics.

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

CUNY Chancellor Research Fellowship for the project Translingual Art and Exile: Liminal Marc Chagall and Luminary Nicholas Roerich
2011 Pushcart Award Nomination for Creative Nonfiction
2005 Kingsborough Community College, Scholarly and Applied Research Award
2003  PSC CUNY Research Awards 34     
2002 PSC CUNY Research Award 33
2001 PSC CUNY Research Awards 31

Editorial Activities:  
Guest Editor, special issue of Studies in the Novel: Translingual Fiction, to come out in Winter 2016.
Guest Editor, special issue of L2Journal: Literary Translingualism: Multilingual Identity and Creativity.
2012-13 Guest Editor, special issue of TETYC: English as a Second Language in Diverse Genres and Voices, Vol. 40, No 1.
2010 Reviewer for PSC CUNY Research Awards, Creative Writing Panel
Reviewer for the following journals: Issues in Second Language Acquisition, The Russian Review, Life Writing.
Reader for Hippocampus Literary Magazine (nonfiction).

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

Personal Interests

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