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Manel Lledós, born in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) in 1955.  At an early age he enrolls in the Llotja art school and works under the  instruction of artist Victor Esteban Ripaux, a classical painter trained in the École des Beaux Arts in Paris.In 1971, Lledós joins the Escola de Belles Arts de San Jordi in Barcelona. He spends months traveling around Spain, Italy and France, absorbing  the art of the past as well as contemporary currents. At the end of the  70’s his work begins to move between a gestural field abstraction and a  serial geometry. Towards the end of the 70’s,  Lledós begins to dream about moving to New York. His decision is  motivated by his need to experience a larger cultural context. In 1981,  Lledós moves to New York to start anew. By the  early 80’s, he establishes himself with a studio first in the Lower East Side, and later in Brooklyn, and exhibits with Joan Prats gallery as  well as others throughout the Americas and Europe. In 1994, Lledós is  hired as a Professor of painting by the Art Department of Kingsborough  Community College (CUNY). Lledós still resides in Brooklyn and his  studio is now in Dumbo. For Lledós, painting is a rapprochement between the tangible and the abstract, the permanent  and the transformative, the certain and the unexpected. His painting  develops slowly towards an organic geometry which reflects on place,  time and belonging.



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