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Irina Danilova is a visual, media and performance artist, curator, founder of Brural series and Executive Director of Project 59, Inc. Born and raised in Kharkov, Ukraine, she lived and worked in Moscow, now lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Irina Danilova has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC (1996).



College Teaching

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

2018 The fight of Art for Life, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

2018 Through Numerical Lenses, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine

2016  Where Topology Meets with Typology, presentation at Open Field Conference, Riga, Latvia

2016  University of Newcastle, Australia, "Conversations in Art Series"

2014  Art At The Outmost Limits Of Location Specificity, International conference, Parsons, NYC

2014 “Conceptual art of teaching Academic Drawing” Conversations Across Cultures, Remixing Art Education Symposium Teachers College, Columbia University

2014  “Fight of Art for Life” Department of Media and Communications Kharkiv State University

2013 “Citydrawings” PRO&CONTRA media art symposium, Manezh,  Moscow

2013 Trip Around The Globe and Around the Rome, Studia RA Gallery, Rome, Italy

2011 Art and Life, Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, NY

2008-2010 Visiting artist, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY,  Visiting Assistant Professor

2009 59 Seconds and beyond Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

2008 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA;

2008 University of Southern Maine Portland, ME,  

2008 Lecture Series in the Visual Arts

2007 Ural State University Ekaterinburg, Russia;

2007 Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2007 Alfred University, Alfred, NY

2006 Duke University, Durham, NC;

2006 School of Visual Arts Digital Arts Seminar, NYC     

1999 Meyerhold Museum Penza, Russia

1999 Department of Art and Humanity Lehman College, NY,

1999 Bronx River Art Center Bronx, NY                                                  

1997 State and Private Art Schools in Santiago, Chile



2015 ECONOMY OF FOOD, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2015 BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured and re-Stractured with Vladimir Seleznev

2014 FLUXUS TIME (Revolutionary artists in revolutionary Ukraine) Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2014 BRURAL: Shattering Phenomena Superstorm Sandy, Chelyabinsk Meteorite with Svetlana Shlyapnikova, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2013 Fluxus Time: 1959...69...79… Art Gallery at KBCC, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY

2013 BRURAL: Peripheral Vision, with Daria Kostina, the Active Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012 BRURAL: Art/&/of/?/vs/or/Design, SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY with Agata Iordan

2011 THE INTERVIEW, SET gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2003 MULTIPLES Art Gallery at KBCC CUNY, Brooklyn, NY

2000 E-EUROPE, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2000 BULGARIA, NY, Elizabeth Foundation Gallery, NYC




ANTICIPATION group exhibition catalogue, Venice, Italy, 2014

Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award catalogue. Nomination «Best Curatorial Project», 2014

DE.FRAGMENTACIJA/DE>FRAGMENTATION Pixxelpoint catalogue, Nova Goricia, 2013pp. 40-41

CONVERSATIONS ACROSS CULTURES, Art Education Symposium, p. 9, 2014

MANIFESTO BRUT, Caserta, Italy, 2013,  p. 15,  

CONTEMPORARY ART AS A HUMANIZZATION INSTRUMENT FOR PUBLIC SPACES, Ural University Press, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2012, CITY AS A PROCES, pp.102, 118.

FIRST URAL INDUSTRIAL BIENNIALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART,   Special Projects, 9.09-10.10.2010  Catalogue, 2010, pp. 166-167 Confirmed

MEDIA FORUM, 30th Moscow Film Festival, 2008, p.28

+7(495)…RUSSIAN ARTISTS ABROAD, June 23-26, 2008

ONE MINUTE INTERNATIONAL, One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland, August 17-19, 2007,  p. 94

CYBERARTS 2002, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2002, p. 224

IT’S THE REAL THING, Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, 1998




ART BELONGS TO THE PUBLIC Moscow, 1994, p. 19

FARB AND RAUM, Art from Russia, Germany, France, and Switzerland, Moscow, 1993

THE LOCAL TIME, Moscow, 1993, p.19

REGINA GALLERY 1990-1992 Moscow, 1993, pp. 15, 17, 18

WAYS OF CREATION, Sumy, Moscow, 1991

KUNST, EUROPA Deutscher Kunstvereine C.V. 1991


INFINITE INSTANCES: Studies and Images of Time, Mart Betty Publisher, 2011, p. 39

Rosa Liksom, GO MOSCOVA GO, Helsinki, 1988, pp. 28, 29


From Brooklyn to Russia’s Ural Region, Artists Cross Political and Geographic Borders

by Peter Malone at

ZAHLENSPIELEREIEN MIT DER 59 by Heinz Bohler, "Nurtenger Zeintug", 10.16.2015

59 REASONS TO SEE SET’s NEW SHOW, by Meredith Deliso, Park Slope Courier, Apr. 8-14, 2011

PRIMING FOR ALL THINGS 59, by Maryn Fluker,  THE DAILY IOWAN, Thursday, September 11, 2008, p.4C


THE AGE, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, December 28, 2006

59 SECONDS OF FAME, by Fleur Mason, Fremantle Gazette, Perth, Australia, January 11, 2007

FIFTY NINE REASONS TO SEE THIS SHOW, by Meredith Deliso The Brooklyn Paper, New York Post, Park Slope Courier  April 6, 2011

SOVR. ISK. RUS, by  Yevgeniy Fiks, Moscow Art Magazine, #48/49, 2003, p. 73

WORKING NOTES, by  Martha Wilson,  Art Journal, vol. #59, Summer 2000, p. 109

MOVING IMAGE magazine, Summer 2000, by Helen A. Harrison “In Islip, Experimentation and Installation,” The New York Times, August 29, 1999  MIR LIUDEI,   by Inna Mart,   June 30, 1999

POKAL FURDIE SIEGER IST VIRTUELL, by Simone Voigtlander Mitteldeutsche Zeitung,  September 9, 1998

BRONX COUNCIL ON THE ARTS HONORS ITS OWN ARTISTS, by Dan Friedman, Bronx Times Reporter, August 27, 1998    

INTRIGUING ART FROM HERE AND THERE, by Jerry Cullum, Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 15, 1996

FACTORY SECONDS, by Cathy Byrd, Creating Loafing, August 13, 1996

STRONG APPROACH IN SOHO, by Oleg Slkin, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, March 1996

OUR WOMEN IN AMERICA, by Irina Tatarinova, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, March 1996

EXPERT TESTIMONY, by Alexander Gertsman, Novoe Russkoe Slovo, June 13, 1995

RUSSIAN FAMILY ON DISPLAY IN GALLERY, by Wendy Ann Hoke, The Sun Press, August 13, 1996

LABOR AND DAYS AT THE EDGE OF OYKUMENA, by Michael Bode, Kommersant-Daily #19, October 7, 1993

ART AT THE BORDER, by Yuri Nechiporenko, Independent Newspaper, May 23, 1992, p. 12

APHRODITA EX OVUM, by Ludmila Khlebnikova, The Evening Club, March, 1992, p. 8

ART REVIEWS, by Veronica Bode, Gumanitary Fond, September 1992



1998-1999 season


Events and/or Key Dates



2017 QUI PRO QUO Parallel Program of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art

OkNo Gallery, Chelyabinsk, Russia

2016 Dinner 59#29, performance at Visions in a Nunnery. London, England

2016 Et Sim. Schlecker Gallery, Kiel, Germany

2016 Quadrennial Performance, The Lock Up Art Center, Newcastle, Australia

2015 Between 5 & 9, FKN Gallery, Nurtingen, Germany.

2015 Through the Numerical Lenses, Schauraum Gallery, Nurtingen, Germany

2015 Project 59, Municipal Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine

2014 Odds and Ends, The Active Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Tracking Signals High and Low, The Active Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012 dARTboard Digital Art Space,, NYC

2013 20 YEARS AFTER, NCCA, Moscow, Russia

2011 Project 59, SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010 59 SECONDS (and beyond), Spectre Gallery, NY

2009 59 FEET UNDER NCCA, Moscow, Russia


2004 20 YEARS AFTER, Palitra Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine

2000 NATIONAL & GEOGRAPHIC  Spaces, Cleveland, OH

1998 VISIONS& BEGEGNUNG   Halle, Germany

1998 59 PIECES OF USEFUL ADVICE, J. Goldstein Gallery, NYC

1993 ART AND THE FAMILY,  Atrium Gallery, Cleveland

1992 REQUIEM, A-3 Gallery, Moscow

1992 PORTRAITS OF GREAT PEOPLE, A-3 Gallery, Moscow

1992 APHRODITE EX OVUM, Sadovniki Gallery, Moscow

1990 OBJECTS, Regina Gallery, Moscow



2017 EXPANDING TERRITORIES | department of lost places and new memories, Moscow Darwin Museum, Parallel Program of the 7th Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2017 Commemorating the Russian Revolution, 1917/2017 Zimmerli Art Museum/Rutgers

2017 Art in Odd Places (AiOP):SENSE 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC

2017 Green Point Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Another Experiment by Women Film Festival, New Filmmakers series, Anthology Archives, NYC

2017 ETERODOSSIA, Carinola, Caserta, Italy

2017 Tonal Shift, Station Independent Projects, NYC

2017 Parallel Show with Frans Van Lent at Cloisters, NYC

2016 Visions in a Nunnery, London, England

2016 Mix&Match, performance with Hiram Levy, Art in Odd Places. Orlando, Florida

2016 Enacting the Text: Performance with Words, Center For Book Arts, NYC.

2016 UNNOTICED ART FESTIVAL Nijmegen, Netherlands and  New York City, with Hiram Levy

2016 Involuntary Prisoners, Palazzo Novelli, Carinola, Italy

2016 London Biennial in Rome, Studio Ra Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016 BLOKNOT Kubiva Gallery, Nizhniy Tagil, Russia

2016 BRURAL: Crossroads of Equality and Irregularity, Temporary Storage Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016 Up For Debate, BRIC House, Brooklyn, NY

2015 BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured and Re-structured, Okno Gallery, Chelyabinsk, Russia,

2015 Cu-li-nar-y, Bronx Music Heritage Center, Bronx, NY

2015 The Economy of Food, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2015 B.U.Kashkin "Lived all live and still alive" Museum of Naive Art, Perm, Russia

2015 B.U.Kashkin "Lived all live and still alive" NCCA, Ural branch, Russia

2015 BRURAL:Skin of Liberty Fructured and Re-structured, Nizhniy Tagil Art Museum, Russi, part of the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art.

2015 BRURAL:Skin of Liberty, Fractured and Re-stractured, FPG Brooklyn, NY

2015 Inferno Nessesario, MIDA Foundation, Auletta, Italy,

2014 DE.Fragmentation Stewart Hall Gallery, IMRC Center, University of Maine, Orono

2014 Anticipation, Cultural Center Gallupi, Burano – Venice, Italy

2014 Remixing Art and Education, Macy Gallery, Columbia University

2014 BRURAL: Shattering Phenomena, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx

2014 BRURAL: Shattering Phenomena, OkNo gallery, Chelyabinsk, Russia

2014 BRONX SPEAKS NO BOUNDARIES The Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY

2013 De.Fragmentation. Pixxelpoint 2013, Nova Gorizia, Slovenia

2013 MAPnificent, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx

2013 EXPO MANIFESTO BRUT, Les Villettes Belgium

2013 MAPnificent, AIGA Philadelphia Space, Philadelphia, PA

2013 MANIFESTO BRUT Magma Museum, Roccamonfina, Italy

2012 THE TGV IN 50 SECONDS Co.Ar.Co.Art France

2012 FOREIGN BODIES, SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2012 FOREIGN BODIES, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2012 SOMATOTOPIA Public Space 1 gallery, Iowa City, Iowa

2012 CITY AS CONCEPT Center for Contemporary Culture, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2011 RE-PRODUCTION, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

2010 WALL OF FAME, First Ural Industrial Art Bienniale,  Ekaterinburg, Russia

2010 COMVIDEO, Apexart Gallery, New York, NY

2010 FIELD RECORDINGS, Five Years Gallery, London, UK

2010 209 YEARS OF ART, SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009 INTERRUPTED CORRESPONDENCE James Taylor Gallery, London, UK

2009 +7(495), NCCA, Moscow, Russia

2009 MEDIA FORUM, Moscow International Film Festival

2009 MOSCOW-NEW YORK=PARALLEL PLAY,  Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY

2008 REGINA: 990  Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2008 ATLANTIDA A3 Gallery, Moscow

2007 CHIENNA Performance Festival, Campagna, Italy

2005 PI – FIVE   Cologne, Berlin, Germany


2004 APRIL SHOWERS, Judson Memorial Church, NYC

2004 FIRSTPROVFEST, Providence, RI

2004 REDSHIFT, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY

2004 X-FEST Festival, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY

2003 MULTIPLES, Kingsborough College Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC

2003 TOUCH, Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 AAAMERICA Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, The Anti-War Cabaret, NYC


2002 FREE MANIFESTA, Frankfurt, Germany


2001 TACTILE ART Art Polygon Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2000 E-EUROPE, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2000 MILLENNIYA, The C.A.S.E. Museum, Jersey City, NJ

2000 BULGARIA, NY Elizabeth Foundation, New York, NY

2000 FEMININITY’S REDRESS, Angel Orensanz Foundation, Center, New York, NY

2000 LONGWOOD ARTS DIGITAL RESIDENCY PRESENTATIONS @ Thundergulch & Smack Melon Gallery, NYC 1999    MERE WORDS, Longwood Arts Gallery, NYC

Research Interests

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

2015 BAC SPARC fellowship

2014 Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award Nomination «Best Сuratorial Project»

2014 PSC CUNY Travel Grant

2012 Vilcek Foundation dArtboard Artist of the Year

2007  Speakers Program, State Department Fellowship

2004  Providence Department of Art, Culture Grant

2000  Trust of Mutual Understanding Grant

1999  Franklin Furnace, The Future of the Present;        

1999  Longwood Art Digital Residency Program

1998 BRIO Award;

1998 VISION II  Award (Germany)


1997 Chile Performance Art Festival Fellowship

1996 Cleveland Performance Art Festival Fellowship

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

Personal Interests

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