Formal Writing Assignment


Select one of the three themes presented in the films we observed this semester.  Compare and/or contrast how the principal characters experienced adversity and triumphed over it.  Describe each character you selected in the context of the film’s environment.  At least three literary sources should be utilized with proper bibliographical citations. The three themes are as follows:


1)      Heroic leadership (e.g. Tucker: The Man and his Dream, Hoffa, Norma Rae, etc.)

2)      Ethical dilemmas (e.g. The Insider, Civil Action, Rainmaker, etc.)

3)      Corporate greed (e.g. Wall Street, Network, Quiz Show, etc)



Every student is required to go to the Reading and Writing Center at least once during the semester.  Attendance will be taken.



N.B. Although quotes from literary sources are desirable for your formal writing assignment, they must be properly cited. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated!  All papers will be scanned using plagiarism software and those students found not to be in compliance will receive a failure grade.



Informal Writing Assignment


Select one or more film analysis questions from each film shown in class.  Answer the questions completely, providing as much detail as possible.  These assignments are to be based upon your opinions supported by specific examples from the movie.  Each film requires a one page response.  Answer as many questions as necessary to satisfy the one page requirement.






Schedule For Formal Writing Project


Class 1:                       Explain project to students


Classes 2-3:               Begin developing first draft of formal writing project


Classes 4-6:               Students with last names A –KL meet with Reading and Writing Center fellow (Room L209) to review first draft and subsequent drafts. 

Classes 7-8:               Students with last names KM – Z meet with Reading and Writing Center fellow (Room L209) to review first draft and subsequent drafts.


Class 9:                       Students final draft review with fellow. (Optional)


Class 10:                      Formal Project Submitted

Class 11:                      One full grade penalty for late submissions


Class 12:                      Two full grade penalty for late submissions


Evaluation Criteria


I.          Ideas


            1)  The paper fully develops a clearly stated argument or thesis

            2)  Provides sufficient evidence and supporting examples.


II.          Development and Organization


            1)  The paper contains an introduction and conclusion

            2)  Each paragraph develops a coherent idea, and paragraphs follow each

                  other logically

            3)  Opening and closing of each paragraph connect the paragraph to the overall

                  idea of the paper.


III.         Global Error


            1)  The paper is easy to read; sentences make sense, and are written in a clear,

                  coherent manner.


IV.        Local Error


            1)  Correct spelling.

            2)  Proper punctuation and capitalization.

            3)  Paper shows evidence of having been carefully proofread.


The following scale will be used for each of the four criteria:


                        5          Excellent

                        4          Good

                        3          Average

                        2          Fair

                        1          Poor


The four items will be equally weighted in assigning a letter grade