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Francis Giordano
Adjunct Lecturer in Physics


Francis Giordano is an Adjunct Lecturer of Physics and has been teaching General Physics at CUNY Kingsborough Community College, Department of Physical Sciences since 1995. 

Mr. Giordano was previously employed by the US Navy and US Army as an electronic engineer for 32 years.  His responsibilities included research and development  in the fields of  electromagnetic compatibility/interference, systems survivability and computer simulation of communications networks.


General Physics

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
 Master of Science (Physics) 
Lehigh University 
 Bachelor of Arts (Physics) 

College Teaching
CUNY Kingsborough Community College,  Adjunct Lecturer
CUNY NYC Community College,  Adjunct Instructor

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources
Events and/or Key Dates

Research Interests

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

Patent No. 5,313,209 -  Sweep Jammer Identification Process, May 17, 1994

Patent No. 3,532,977 -  Pulse Statistical Distribution Analyzer, Oct. 6, 1970

Patent No. 3,069,569 -  Time Controlled Switching System, Dec. 18, 1962

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

Member Emeritus:  Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society

Personal Interests





US History

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