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Barbara Walters
Behavioral Sciences
Barbara Walters


Barbara R. Walters, Ph.D., is Professor of Sociology at Kingsborough Community College and Academic Director of the SPS BA in Sociology Program.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, M.A. degrees in Sociology and Musicology, plus a Ph.D. in Sociology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. As a graduate student at Stony Brook, she was a recipient of an NIMH Methodology Traineeship, a Fellow at the SUNY Research Program in Paris at the Center for Literature and Culture in Paris, and the recipient of an NIMH Research-in-Service post-doctoral award in Psychiatry for her project in Sexual Identity and Cognitive Development. Before joining the faculty at Kingsborough in 1997, Barbara worked in a variety of settings:  corporate, state government and academic.  She was recognized as a Community Leader of America for her contributions to the Virginia Board of Health Professions, the Virginia Opera Board of Directors, as a founding member of the Virginia Women’s Political Caucus and other community work. 

Books by Dr. Walters include: The Politics of Aesthetic Judgment -- an empirical analysis of the changing art world and patrons with "modern" art shaping the site of struggle for status and power among different groups, especially recently assimilated Jews in fin-de-siècle France --and The Feast of Corpus Christi, with Vincent Corrigan and Peter T. Ricketts, which presents a complete set of source materials for the feast, including multiple versions of the original Latin liturgy, a set of poems in Old French and their English translations, and includes complete transcriptions of the music associated with the feast.  Her refereed journal articles have appeared in the Journal of Implicit Religion, Sociology of Religion, Contemporary Sociology, Sociological Theory, Visual Sociology, Art and Text, and Sociological Symposium, plus a number in edited books published by academic presses, and she has presented scores of papers at local, regional, national and international conferences on both her scholarly research work and her teaching innovations.

At Kingsborough, Dr. Walters piloted the first WAC-Writing Intensive course in 1998, the first Blackboard assisted course in 1999, taught in the original ESL Intensive Learning Community, served as Academic Co-Director in the KCC Opening Doors Learning Community and was the co-founder (with Associate Provost Reza Fakhari) and first editor/mentor of DistinctionsAn Honors Student Journal.  Dr. Walters was the recipient of the first wave of the KCC President’s Awards.  She was also honored with a CUNY Michael Ribaudo Information Technology Award for her work (with George Otte and the Communication and Culture Consortial Faculty) in the development of an online degree program for the CUNY School of Professional Studies.


Introduction to Sociology (ESL, WI, hybrid, and online)
Sociology of Religion
Urban Sociology
Introduction to Research Methods
Sociological Theory
Sociology of Culture
Senior Research


Vanderbilt University
B.A. Psychology, 1970 

State University of New York at Stony Brook
M.A. Sociology, 1973
M.A. Musicology, 1996
Ph.D. Sociology, 1978

State University of New York at Stony Brook -- Psychiatry
NIMH Post-Doctoral Fellowship:  Sexual Identity Development and Cognitive Styles

College Teaching

CUNY School of Professional Studies, Graduate Center
Kingsborough Community College
Vanderbilt University
College of William and Mary

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources


Walters, Barbara R., Vincent Corrigan, and Peter T. Ricketts. 2006. The Feast of Corpus Christi. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press. 

Walters, Barbara R. 2003. The Politics of Aesthetic Judgment. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

Selected Articles and Papers:

Walters, Barbara R. 2014.  Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street, by Karen Ho.  Journal of Implicit Religion.  [Book Review:  forthcoming]

Walters, Barbara R. 2013.  The Sociology of Religion: A Critical Agenda, by Grace Davie. Journal of Implicit Religion Vol. 15. No. 1. [Book Review]

Walters, B. 2013.  Liturgy as Implicit and Explicit Religious Vision.  Denton Conference, Ilkley, UK.

Walters, Barbara R.  2012.  Laureata plebs fidelis:  A Victorine Sequence from the Feast of Corpus Christi in Thirteenth-Century Liège.  Ed. Ann Buckley and Cynthia J. Cyrus. Music, Dance and Society:  Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Memory of Ingrid G. Brainard.  Kalamazoo, MI:  Medieval Institute.

Walters, B., Ivan Araque, and Staci Murphy.  2012.  Commemorating 9-11:  A Civil Liturgical Moment.  Denton Conference, Ilkley, UK.

Walters, B. and Marco Castro.  2012. Commemorating 9/11: Secularization, Sacralization and Implicit Religion in Downtown Manhattan.  Annual Meeting of the Eastern   Sociological Association, New York, NY.

Walters, B.  2009.  Author Meets Critic, Vatican II: A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change by Melissa J. Wilde.  Princeton:  Princeton University Press.  Eastern Sociological Society.   Baltimore, MD.

Bernhardt, W., Otte, G., Smiley, E., and Walters, B. 2010. The CUNY Online Baccalaureate:  A Transformative Cyberspace.  Ed. Judith Summerfield, Cheryl Smith, and Erin Martineau. Transformative Spaces: Designing Creative Sites for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. New York: Springer Publishing.

Walters, Barbara R. 2008. Safeguarding German-American Relations: Understanding and Accepting Mutual Differences, by Hermann Kurthen, Antonio V. Venéndez-Alarcón, and Stefan Immerfall. Contemporary Sociology Vol 37, No. 3. [Book Review].

Walters, Barbara R. 2008. Shaping a Monastic Identity: Liturgy and History at the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, 1100-1125, by Susan Boynton. Implicit Religion: Journal of the C.S.I.R.C.S. Vol. 11, No. 2 [Book Review].

Walters, Barbara. 2007. Teaching and Learning in the Online Baccalaureate. Online (April 2007)

Walters, B.R. 2005. Writing and Discussion Forums for Online Courses. Teaching Introduction to Sociology as a Hybrid Course: A Resource Manual. Ed. Lynn Harper Ritchey. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association.

Walters, Barbara R. 2005. "O verge de droiture ki de Jessé eissis" from the Mosan Psalters. in Ed. Ann Buckley and Dominique Billy. Melangé Peter T. Ricketts. Belgium: Brepols.

Walters, Barbara R. 2004. Church-Sect Dynamics and the Feast of Corpus Christi. Sociology of Religion65 (3). 7.

Walters, Barbara R. 2002. Women Religious Virtuosae from the Middle Ages: A Case Pattern and Analytic Model of Types. Sociology of Religion 63 (1).

Walters, B.R. 2001. Church. Readers' Guide to Sociology. Ed. Jonathan Michie. London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers.

Walters, Barbara R., and Franceska B. Smith. 1998. Collaborative Projects and Intellectual Property: Teaching Writing Intensive Sociology. New York: 1998 NYSSA Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings.

Walters, B.R.. 1998. Liturgy and Civilizing Processes. Figurations 10.

Walters, B. R. 1996. Danny Lyon at Lowinsky Gallery. Review: Reviews and Previews of Current Exhibitions in New York. June 1996. [Exhibit Review]

Walters, B. R. 1996. Susan Fenton at Lowinsky Gallery. Review: Reviews and Previews of Current Exhibitions in  New York. June 1996. [Exhibit Review]

Walters, B. 1994. Mexican Folk Retablos by G. Giffords. Visual Sociology 9 (1). [Book Review]

Walters, Barbara R., Emendations by Dudley Duncan. 1994. The Social Construction of the Senario and the Septimal Heresy: Response to Duncan. Sociological Theory 12 (3).

Walters, Barbara R. 1992. Pluralistic Approaches to Art by Blandy and Congdon. Visual Sociology 7 (2). [Book Review]

Walters, B. 1990. Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography by Bolton (Ed.) Visual Sociology 5 (2). [Book Review]

Online Course Sites

Introduction to Sociology (fully online)
Analyzing Organizational Structure and Change (fully online)
Contemporary Organizational Structure and Change (fully online)
Studies in Communication and Cultural Change (fully online)
Introduction to Research Methods (fully online)
Sociology of Culture
Sociological Theory (with Lacey Sischo)
Sociology of Religion (hybrid and online)
Introduction to Sociology (hybrid)

Events and/or Key Dates

Research Interests

Religion and Culture
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Teaching with Technology
Global Inequality, Gender, Children and Human Development
Collective Memory and Human Rights

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants

PSC-CUNY Research Award
High Impact Practices: Engagement and Retention


Connect to Learning: LaGuardia/FIPSE (Co-PI)
ePortfolio, Engagement and Student Success


PSC-CUNY Research Award:
Downtown and Bushwick: Contrasting Neighborhoods


Kingsborough Faculty Achievement Award
Kingsborough Faculty Achievement Award

Making Connections: LaGuardia/FIPSE (Co-PI)
e-Portfolio Mini-Grant
Kingsborough Faculty Achievement Award 2008

PSC-CUNY Research Award:
Teaching and Learning in the Twenty-First Century:
Developing a Strategic Model


Making Connections: LaGuardia/FIPSE (Co-PI)
e-Portfolio Mini-Grant (Cohort A)


The Michael Ribaudo Information Technology Award
KCC President’s Award


PSC-CUNY Research Award
The Feast of Corpus Christi


Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2004 – present

Sloan -- CUNY Online Faculty


PSC-CUNY Research Award


PSC-CUNY Research Award


KCC Scholarly and Applied Research Award


Community Leaders of America


Virginia Board of Health Professions, Service Award


NIMH Research-in- Service Award


Fellow, Center for Literature and Culture,


SUNY Research Program in Paris
NIMH Methodology Traineeship


Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

American Sociological Association
          Ethics Committee, 1987-89, Chair, 1989.
          Representative to National Council of State Associations, 1986
          Teaching and Learning: Cooperative Initiatives Committee, 2005-06
          ASA Council Representative, 2012-2014
Eastern Sociological Society
AAEEBL - Program Committee, 2010 -2013
          Co-Chair, Program Committee 2013
Medieval Academy of America
Association for the Sociology of Religion
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
International Visual Sociology Association 1990-1996
          Board Member 1990-1996
Sociologists for Women in Society
          Founding Member, New York Chapter, 1972
          Steering Committee, 2000
          Chair, Membership Committee, 2000-2002

Personal Interests

Travelling and Photography
Contemporary Theology

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