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KCTL Advisory Board

Current members of the KCTL Advisory Board are:

Art Prof. Kristin Derimanova
Prof. Thomas Eaton

Behavioral Sciences Prof. Evrick Brown
Prof. Peter Fiume
Prof. JuAnn Watson

Biological Sciences Prof. Loretta Brancaccio-Taras
Prof. John Lopez

Business Prof. Amy Haas
Prof. Dawn Levy

Communications & Performing Arts Prof. Cindy Greenberg
Prof. Maureen Minielli

English Prof. DL Anderson
Prof. Christine Rudisel

Foreign Language Prof. Maria Hernandez

Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Prof. Kevicha Echols                                 Prof. Don Hume

History, Philosophy & Political Science

Prof. Jason Leggett
Prof. Tracy Steffy                           
Prof. Grace Trotman  

Library Prof. Michael Rosson

Math & Computer Science Prof. Ronald Forman
Prof. Stephen Majewicz

Nursing Prof. Janette O'Sullivan

Physical Sciences Prof. Patrick Lloyd
Prof. Jay Mancini

Tourism & Hospitality Prof. Tanya Johnson

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