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Counseling Services is an essential part of the larger Department of Student Affairs whose mission is to help students to develop and achieve self-understanding and direction, and assisting them in reaching maximum educational, social and personal potential. Our services to students are extremely important and recognized by various levels of administrators in college including, faculty, and most importantly by students themselves.

We provide counseling and ESL counseling services to students. We recognize that balancing the demands of school and personal life can be challenging. Therefore the guiding goals of our center are: 

  • To provide counseling that facilitates meaningful personal growth and the fullest academic development of each individual.
  • To assist students with adjustment, behavioral, emotional or academic challenges.
  • To educate the KCC community regarding mental health issues
  • To offer consultation and assessment in crisis situations.

Counseling Services is comprised of many mental health professionals such as social workers, mental health counselors, and psychologists. We strongly believe that the vital part of the department is our internship program. We highly value the enthusiasm, creativity, devotion, and versatility of our interns. They come from all types of backgrounds and reflect the diversity of our student population. Interns are essential in delivering high quality services such as outreach through tabling, psycho-educational workshops and presentations on mental health issues applicable to the college student population, free Depression and Anxiety screenings, and raising awareness during events such as  Suicide  Prevention Community Walk (in commemoration of survivors of suicide).

Associate Degree (Undergraduate) Internship

This internship was developed in collaboration between Counseling Services and The Mental Health and Human Services Program. Only Kingsborough Community College students that are in the A.A.S. Mental Health and Human Services concentration are eligible for this internship. 

Assignments in the internship practicum are designed based on Counseling Services needs. Internship is a two semester commitment only. Interns are interviewed and assigned to a site by the Mental Health and Human Services Faculty.  Supervision is provided by the Counseling Services. 


  1. Students are expected to be in the field two days a week on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s during the summer semester and Tuesday’s in the fall semester.
  2. Interns will participate and help to organize a number of outreach events out of Counseling Services, such as: Open House, Free Depression, Anxiety and Alcohol screenings, and organizing a community walk to raise awareness about suicide among college students.
  3. Interns will learn about mental health issues affecting the well-being of college students and help to reduce the stigma on college campus through various outreach initiatives.
  4. Students will take part in visiting classes (SD-10/11 and Learning Communities) in the beginning of the semester to advertize services offered by Counseling Services.
  5. Interns are responsible to develop at least one psycho-educational workshop on mental health issues such as test anxiety, adjustment to college, or stress and healthy ways to deal with and present it to the community of students in an engaging format.
  6. Interns will provide assistance appropriate to the level of education during the time of crisis: such as providing information about trauma and dealing with earthquakes or other natural disasters. Interns will serve as a “supportive link” in bridging the community of students with needed resources and assistance at Counseling Services.
  7. Interns may be involved in other initiatives that are currently developed within Counseling Services.

Masters Degree (Graduate) Internship

The Masters Degree (Graduate) Internship provides valuable training experience for future social workers and mental health counselors.  Graduate interns obtain training and supervised experience in individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation and outreach. Graduate level interns have the opportunity to work with a diverse student population who present with a wide range of concerns.  Graduate interns are responsible for:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Individual and Group Supervision (if you are involved in running the group)
  • Perform Intake and assessment for personal counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Providing consultation for instructional staff regarding mental health issues
  • Prepare psycho-educational workshop(s) on related issues for students or faculty
  • Record writing and research related duties
  • Attendance at Team Conference once a week
  • Assistance at college wide programs as applicable
  • Create Bulletin Boards to educate students and wider college community about mental health and resources. Possible topics are adjustment to college, time of transition, alcohol and drug abuse, stress and depression, etc.
  • Address the issues of campus mental health issues through articles and other related information in Counseling Center News Letter published each semester.


Candidates must be fully enrolled in a Masters program in social work or mental health counseling (or related field).

Time Commitments

The internship begins in late August and ends in early June. 

Doctoral Fellowship

Doctoral Fellowship provides valuable training experience for future psychologists and clinical psychologists.  The fellows have an opportunity to be involved in developing and facilitating groups, workshops, and outreach presentations. The fellows also receive clinical supervision from a senior staff person of the Counseling and Health Services. The fellows' part-time schedule allows them to balance their academic and other commitments in addition to receiving a valuable clinical experience at the Counseling Services.
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