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Intensive ESL Program


Students who are placed at any level of ESL (07, 09, or 91) can opt to enroll in the Intensive ESL program. This program is for incoming freshmen students. Students in this program are placed by ESL level and their ESL class is linked with other courses such as an introduction to psychology (PSY 11) and Introduction to Health (HE 14) along with two student development courses worth 1 credit each: SD-10 and SD-11. With this kind of "block programming" students have the chance to really get to know one another in a safe and collaborative environment. Faculty teaching these links also works closely with one another to ensure the best educational needs of the student.

Typically, there are three ESL levels for which a student can be placed based on their CUNY placement exam: ESL 07 (10 equated credits), ESL 09 (10 equated credits), and ESL 91 ( 8 equated credits) 

ESL peer mentors are ESL students who have already been through at least one semester at Kingsborough Community College. They work closely with the ESL Student Affairs staff, English faculty members, and students. They are bright, energetic, and helpful students who want to help incoming freshmen with the adjustment process and work to provide support and assist with making connections at KCC. We typically have 6-8 peer mentors per semester and they represent many different countries and languages.

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