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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Counseling & Health Services of Kingsborough Community College. We are hoping that our website will be useful to you in understanding more about counseling resources and staff. While college is a wonderful opportunity to gain an education, make friends, move towards a career path, and become more self- aware, we recognize that college could be stressful.  It is a time of transition and adjustment, and it may not be easy, particularly when you might have other obligations and responsibilities in your personal life such as work, childcare, family, etc. Furthermore, many emotional disorders surface during the young adult years. Whether you are a young adult coming to college for the first time, a student coming to college in the United States after having already gained a degree in your home country, a transfer student, or a returning adult who is following a different career path, you may have obstacles that are interfering with your ability to succeed.

Counseling Services provides individual, group, and ESL support services to students currently enrolled at Kingsborough Community College.  Counseling sessions are confidential.  Sessions generally last 45 minutes and are usually held once a week. 

It takes personal strength to recognize that you might need help and it takes courage to ask for help. However, once you do, it is a step in a positive direction. Please know that you can come to us.

Appointments are required.  However, we offer walk-in hours three times a week.  For more information, please refer to our Office Hours schedule below. 

About Confidentiality

Counseling Services strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions, including scheduling of or attendance of appointments, and progress in counseling.  No record of counseling is contained in any academic or educational file.  Also, no record of counseling is discussed verbally with staff and/or faculty at the college and/or friends/family members.  You may request in writing that the counseling staff release specific information about your counseling to persons whom you designate. 

How to Schedule An Appointment

Phone or come to our office to schedule an initial appointment; our office is located in D-102 and our telephone number is 718-368-5975.  We also offer walk-in appointments three times a week.  For more information about the walk-in appointments, refer to our office hours schedule.   A first appointment consists of an assessment that last for 45 minutes.  The counselor will help you identify your goals and whether Counseling Services or another office will be most helpful to you (e.g. individual counseling, one session only, or a referral to an off campus resource). 

 If the goal is individual counseling, your next appointment is an Intake, which last 60 minutes.  During the appointment, your intake counselor will come to a better understanding of your concerns and how Counseling Services may be of most help to you.  In addition, during the Intake  

appointment, you and the intake counselor together will agree on a day and time for the individual counseling sessions.  The individual counseling sessions are held once a week and generally last 45 minutes. 

What Happens in Individual Counseling and What Can I Expect to Gain from Counseling?

In individual counseling you have the full attention of an empathetic, objective, compassionate listener, and skillful mental health expert.  In the weekly one-to-one session, you will be able to talk about problems in a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere, where you will learn healthy strategies to help you effectively cope with your problem(s).

About Group Counseling

Group counseling is a form of interaction that allows participants to address personal issues that are often shared by other members of the group.  An important benefit of group counseling is not feeling as alone in dealing with the issue(s) since other group members will likely have experienced similar concerns.

What other services does Counseling Services offer?

The Counseling Services office provides mental health screenings throughout the academic year; theme centered educational workshops and academic skills workshops; referrals to off-campus community agencies, and ESL Counseling. 

We offer consultation to faculty and staff upon request on a variety of topics, including information on our services; recognizing and responding to students in distress, and when/how to make a referral. 

For detailed information about these services, please refer to the Outreach and For Faculty and Staff sections of this website, respectively.  


Please click the following links for more detailed information about each service

Educational Workshops

We offer a variety of psychoeducational workshops that last from 30-45 minutes. Topics include:

- Stress Management

- Test anxiety/ test taking strategies

- Depression awareness and warning signs of suicide

- Bringing joy to your life

Most of these presentations are given by our trained, student interns. Please contact Ms. Ilona Fridson, staff counselor and outreach coordinator, for more details and/or to reserve a request for us to visit your classroom. Our counseling staff is very knowledgable about a host of mental health topics and as such, we can accept other requests upon enough notice.



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