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Credit Courses BA 10 Business Administration: Introduction to Business
BSS 1 Behavioral & Social Science: The Individual & His/Her World
COM 11 Mass Communication
HUM 1 Modern Humanities: Arts & Ideas
MAT 20 Elements of Statistics
  MCM 30 Mass Media
POL 63 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  SCI 1 Issues and Adventures in Science
SD 10 Introduction to College Planning
SD 11 Career and Life Planning
Developmental Courses ENG BW Foundations for College-Level Writing
ESL BW1 Foundations for College-Level Reading & Writing
for English as a Second Language Students, Part 1
ESL BW2 Foundations for College-Level Reading & Writing
for English as a Second Language Students, Part 2
MAT 01 Introduction to Algebra
MAT 03 Intermediate Algebra
The courses listed below are not available to all College Now students.
They are specialized classes offered at the college or at particular high schools.
Special Site Courses BA 60 Introduction to Computer Concepts
  BIO 70 The Science of Nutrition
CA 1
FIN 180
Culinary Arts I: Skills
Consumer and Personal Finance
HIS 68
Women in American History
MAT 500
Introduction to Mathematical Thought
MCF 40
The Creative Medium
MT 30 Introduction to Maritime Technology
POL 66 Constitutional Law
PSY 11 General Psychology
SD 12Strategies for College Success
TAH 1 ​Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality
TAH 19 The Business of Tourism and Hospitality
TAH 43 Event Catering Management
TAH 71 Introduction to Professional Food Service

Foundation Courses
THA 50      Introduction to Theatre Arts

The Comic Spirit in Literature & Culture Course
The Culinary Experience: Food Careers across Campus
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