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                    Fall 2019 Course Offerings

September 14, 2019 - December 14, 2019


FLYER TAH 71 Fall 2019.pdf

FLYER PSY 11 SAT FA 19.pdf

FLYER POL 66 SAT FA 2019.pdf

We are excited to offer a brand new course this semester!


SCI1 7000-  The Science of Nutrition (With Lab)

3 credits  5hrs/1hr. lecture 4 hrs Lab


Classes will meet on Thursdays from 4PM- 7PM for lecture and then on Saturdays from 10AM-12PM for the Lab.


Requirements for this course:

Open to Seniors who has passed the ELA and ALGEBRA Regents.  80% GPA or higher.

CN Notification Consent Form Saturday FA 19.pdf

CN saturday SCI.BIO 70 FA 19 Parent Form.pdf

College Now Permission Form.pdf


For further information OR to check the status of your registration please contact 

Dana Carioti at:

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