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Below are other resources available regarding Civic Engagement.

Community College National Center For Community Engagement
The Community College National Center for Community Engagement is a leader in advancing programs and innovations that stimulate active participation of institutions in community engagement for the attainment of a vital citizenry.

The Journal for Civic Commitment
The Journal for Civic Commitment is dedicated to growing and strengthening the discussion around service learning, which connects the academic curriculum to service and civic engagement in communities, both locally and globally.
Campus Compact
Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents - representing some 6 million students - dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service-learning in higher education.
Learn and Serve America
Learn and Serve America supports and encourages service-learning throughout the United States, and enables over one million students to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills. By engaging our nation’s young people in service-learning, Learn and Serve America instills an ethic of lifelong community service.
Association of American College and Universities
AAC&U works with campuses to develop curricular and co-curricular programs that help faculty and students connect scholarship to public questions, consider alternative frameworks for judgment and action, draw meaning from experience, critique theory in light of practice, and evaluate practice in light of new knowledge.


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