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CUNYfirst Information for Students

Enrollment (Registration process in CUNYfirst):

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Important Information:

  1. Enrollment dates - are dates students can enroll(register) in classes for a term. These dates are student-specific and may vary from other students. Please make note of the start and end dates and times for your enrollment dates.  
  2. Enrollment Shopping Cart - is a CUNYfirst registration feature for students to temporarily save classes until it is their enrollment date. Classes in a student's shopping cart remain there throughout the term, until the student either officially enrolls in a class or deletes the class from their Shopping Cart.

Note: Putting courses in Shopping Cart DOES NOT officially enroll (register) you in those courses.  Shopping Cart is only a tool to help you plan a schedule.  You MUST officially enroll (register) for your courses.

  1. Holds - are negative service indicators that appear in the Student Center. Students must be sure to clear any holds on their account before being eligible to enroll in classes. View Holds [PDF]
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