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Effective January 1, 2014

Please be advised: in order to ensure that individuals who have completed any Culinary Arts training program through the Center for Economic and Workforce Development** are as prepared as possible to succeed upon enrollment into the Culinary Arts program at Kingsborough Community College's Department of Tourism and Hospitality, the following policy is in place:

For CA1 (Culinary Arts Skills) only:

  • Students who earn an A or an A- in CA1 will receive credit for this course.
  • Students who earn a B or a B+ in CA1 will be required to take a placement test before credits are awarded for CA1.
  • Students who earn a grade of B and above in CA1 more than 12 months before enrolling at KCC are required to take a placement test to determine if banked credits can be applied towards the Culinary Arts Program for CA1.
  • Students who earn less than a B in CA1 are not eligible to bank credits for CA1 and will take the course again if they are accepted into and enroll in the Culinary Arts degree program.


  • Students who do poorly in CA1 and advance to CA2 with a weak foundation will face challenges throughout their training.
  • Mastering CA1 is critical to success in the degree program and throughout the Culinary industry.
  • Taking CA1 again as a degree-seeking student presents an opportunity to become integrated as part of an incoming cohort of Culinary Arts students.
  • Taking CA1 again as a degree-seeking student presents an opportunity to learn core skills from another chef's perspective.
  • Degree students are not granted this opportunity as financial aid restricts Culinary students from re-taking CA1.

**Programs include, but are not limited to, Project Rise, CUNY CareerPATH, Northeast Resiliency Consortium, the CUNY Fatherhood Academy, Project Welcome, Coney Island Project Welcome, and the CUNY Young Adult Program.

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