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Student Information

Dear Students,

It is not unusual for community college students to be actively engaged in the world around them prior to their enrollment in college. Students at Kingsborough Community College often enter higher education with a vast array of life experiences including military service, raising children and employment in a variety of settings. Chances are high that many of you are already contributing positively to your community. Most likely you have volunteered your time to assist with fund raising activities for people in need or participated in events to support your schools, churches, synagogues, mosques or other organizations where you live.

Kingsborough Community College’s Civic Engagement program connects the skills you have developed through your community involvement to the academic work you are encountering in college. Likewise, our Civic Engagement Program exposes you to a diverse array of communities and career possibilities. These experiences can broaden your skills and abilities and increase your competitiveness in the job market.

Civic engagement is not only the right thing to do because of the contribution to our communities and the social responsibility engendered, it also determines true leaders in our global community. Increasingly, employers are seeking college graduates who understand the importance of engaged community involvement, who have demonstrated this commitment over time, and who can translate these skills and values to the workplace. At Kingsborough Community College, we are advancing these opportunities to our students.

Please do not leave this website, or your time at Kingsborough, without exploring the exciting possibilities available to you through civic engagement.

Trust me, you will not regret the time spent, and you will cherish the lessons learned.

Dr. Paulette M. Dalpes
Dean of Student Affairs

Student Spotlight

Charise Chapman

Chris Vasques

Chris Vasques

Opportunities to get involved...
Below are some of the various ways to become civically engaged at Kingsborough. Click on each link to find more information:

Leadership Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Service Opportunities


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