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Community Partners Information

There are various ways faculty can get involved in Civic Engagement……...

Community Partners Spotlight
Menorah Home and Hospital

“We really appreciate all that the Kingsborough students have provided for Menorah residents. I am so happy to hear that the experience has been rewarding for the students. The Russian students are a source of great joy to our Russian speaking residents. Thank you so much for facilitating the placements. We welcome all students no matter what language they speak. We have some residents who speak other languages as well -- Greek, Spanish, Cantonese, Italian, Yiddish, Polish. If any of your students speak another language, you might suggest Menorah.”
Nancy Sondag
Director of Therapeutic Recreation , Menorah Home & Hospital

Menorah Home and Hospital also received the Community Partner Leadership Awards for their excellent efforts in educating and fostering the skill development of Kingsborough students, at the annual Service-learning Recognition Service-learning Ceremony.

Opportunities to get involved...

Below are some of the various ways to become civically engaged at Kingsborough. Click on each link to find more information:




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