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Virtual Enterprise Program


Virtual Enterpriseis a class that gives students the opportunity for practical and task-oriented instruction in simulated business environments. More than 1500 practice firms in 20 countries are part of the International Practice Enterprise market. The participating enterprises, by way of the Internet, engage in commerce with each other.

.....Each graduating class hands its business over to the next crop of students, who inherit whatever assets, liabilities, opportunities or problems exist at the company. Students do everything from creating sales and marketing campaigns to setting up employee policies and building company web

.....Virtual Enterprise provides students with interdisciplinary instruction in an in-school work environment which fosters the growth of the business, technology and interpersonal skills necessary to transition from school to work.

Virtual Enterprise "Companies" at KCC
Beyond Software Software company
CAANESA International Restaurant
City Lights Full service hotel
VCE Communications Enterprise
Corporate Travel Choice Corporate travel agency (evening class)
Excel Media Media and print services
KCC Meeting Enterprises Meeting & event planners
Millenium Airlines International airline
Ocean Whispers Spa (evening class)
Xtreme Adventures Adventure tours
BioMed Engineering VE Biomedical Engineering & Education
Travel Gear Apparel (evening class)
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