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What is Academic Advisement?

Academic Advisement is an educational process by which students and Academic Advisors work together to develop the students’ understanding of their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning. Throughout this collaborative process, students learn to set and attain academic goals, overcome personal and academic barriers to learning, and select appropriate courses required for their major and graduation requirements.     

Students are encouraged to develop a strong relationship with their Academic Advisor or Special Program Counselor to receive information and guidance on their choice of major, selected courses and academic progress throughout the year.  Beginning as early as the third week of each semester, students may access the college’s website,, via eAdvisor to locate the name of their assigned Faculty Advisor. Students are invited to meet with their Academic Advisor to identify courses to be taken during the next semester. During this meeting, students will receive an Academic Advisement Plan that will help them to register when they receive a date for online registration.

The Academic Advisement Center located in room M-201 and the Student Success Center is located in M-101 and is the college’s resource centers that provide Day and Evening students with holistic advisement throughout the year.

What Happens if Students DO NOT receive Academic Advisement?

Without academic advisement, students run the risk of not progressing academically if inappropriate courses are taken during a semester or module. Through the process of advisement, students can clarify their career and academic goals, become more knowledgeable about graduation requirements, major opportunities (internships, scholarships, etc.), and properly select their schedules and plan their academic careers. To remain on track, students should seek advisement as early as possible every semester. 

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